Parking at Bellmar East



During office hours, cars will only be towed if they are parked illegally.  After hours and at night, cars will be towed if they are not registered with (Office hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

RESIDENTS will have their car registered by the Apartment office with RPM Towing on move-in.

VISITORS MUST REGISTER AT    (More information here)


  • Park in a fire lane or any area designated “no parking”.
  • Park in areas with white lines.
  • Park in a handicap space without a legally required handicap insignia.
  • Park in the covered parking areas. (However, you can park in the garages).
  • Park in the area designated “For Madison Residents Only”. This area is in the gated parking lot on the south side of Seville. Parking in the south lot is not allowed along the south fence line between the garage and the exit gate.
  • Take up more than one parking space.
  • Park in spaces marked for office visitors, managers or staff.
  • Block another vehicle from exiting.
  • Park in a space marked for other residents or units.
  • Block garbage trucks from access to the dumpsters.
  • Park on the grass, sidewalk or patio.


  • Always lock your car.
  • Always remove all valuables or lock them in the trunk.
  • Park in gated parking area when possible.
  • Hang handicap parking placards from rear-view mirror with registration information and expiration date visible through windshield.
  • If the handicapped information is not visible to the towing company, it will be assumed that the placard is invalid.
  • Make sure that your car is registered at (Visitors at
  • If your car is new with temporary license plates, is a rental car, or is a loaner car, you will need to visit the office to have a temporary pass added to your account. Please notify the office by 3 p.m. if you need to park overnight.



  1. Contact the property management office for the Seville apartments (214) 890-2300 to confirm that your auto has been towed. (The towing company will notify Seville of cars that have been towed).

Seville Office hours are:
Mon – Fri: 9:00AM to 6:00PM / Saturday: 10:00AM to 5:00PM / Sunday–closed

  1. If you cannot reach the Bellmar East office, call RPM Parking Management at (972)215-9328 to confirm that your car has been towed. If your car was towed, it is your responsibility to work with the towing company to recover your car. Ark House has no legal standing to assist you in this process.

Bellmar East: (214) 890-2300

RPM Parking Management: (972)215-9328

CONTACT: Ark House Resident Services at (682) 307-7298 for assistance in understanding the process.

Park Legally in Marked Spaces
Display Handicap Placard as Appropriate

If you confirm your car has not been towed, call 911 and report it as stolen to the Dallas Police Department


  • Towing cost is more than $150.00 (Confirm fee(s) prior to going to reclaim lot)
  • Payment ONLY by cash, Master Card and Visa. Checks are NOT accepted.
  • It takes several hours to reclaim your car.



Access Gates: Owner, Owner’s agents, employees and representatives make absolutely no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the condition of the gates and their fitness for any particular purpose or the likelihood that said gates will increase the amount of security or habitability of the property. Residents acknowledge that the gates are mechanical devices that could periodically fail to be operative. Residents further acknowledge that neither the Owner nor Owners agents, employees or representatives shall be liable in any way for any disruption in the operation of the access gates, nor shall they be liable for any loss suffered by any Resident or Residents guests as a result of any problem, defect, malfunction or failure to such access gates.

  1. Code Changes. If codes are changed, you will be notified in advance by email.
  2. Report damage or malfunctions. Please immediately report any malfunction, damage to gates, fencing, locks, or related equipment directly to the Seville office.
  3. Follow written instructions. Written instructions have been furnished to you regarding the access gates. If the gates are damaged by you, your occupants, guests, or invitees through negligence or misuse, you are liable for the damages under your lease, and collection of damage amounts will be pursued.
  4. Personal injury and/or personal property damage. Anything mechanical or electronic is subject to malfunction. Fencing, gates, or other devices will not prevent all crime. No security system or device is foolproof or 100 percent successful in deterring crime. Crime can still occur. Protecting residents, their families, occupants, guests, and invitees from crime is the sole responsibility of residents, occupants, and law enforcement agencies. You should first call 911 or other appropriate emergency police numbers if a crime occurs or is suspected. We are not liable to any resident, guest, occupant, or invitee for personal injury, death, or damage/loss of personal property from incidents related to perimeter fencing, automobile access gates, and/or pedestrian access gates. We reserve the right to modify or eliminate security systems other than those statutorily required.
  5. Rules for using vehicle gates.
  • Always approach entry and exit gates with caution and at a very slow rate of speed.
  • Never stop where the gate can hit your vehicle as the gate opens or closes.
  • Never follow another vehicle into an open gate. Always use your card to gain entry.
  • Report license plate number of any vehicle that piggybacks through the gate to apartment management.
  • Never force the gate open.
  • Never get out of your vehicle while the gates are opening or closing.
  • Do not operate the gate if there are small children nearby who might get injured as it opens or closes.
  • Do not give code to anyone else.
  • Do not tamper with gate or allow your occupants to tamper or play with gates.

Parking Guidelines

Bellmar East management will tow away cars when the owner does not follow the parking rules. Please remember that neither management nor the Ark House is responsible for any vehicles towed due to not following these guidelines. 

The management office wants to emphasize a few of the parking rules below for your convenience:

  • All guests must be registered at at the correct apartment complex (Seville at Bellmar). 
  • All vehicles on premises must be operable.
  • One parking permit per lease holder
  • No parking in handicap spots without valid permit
  • No blocking of fire lanes, dumpsters, or another vehicle, or obstructing a walk/driveway
  • No commercial trucks, oversized vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. are allowed in the parking lot.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to the management office.