Looks like you're heading home! We hope your stay was comfortable. Please note that if you anticipate returning, you may have to restart the Ark House application process. We can not assure you an apartment will be available.

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    Move-Out Check List following items must be completed by occupants prior to their departure:

    Please NOTE: Failure to complete the following Check List steps may result in forfeiture of your deposit!
    ...Apartment Keys on Table
    ...TV Remote & Keyboard on Table Under TV
    ...Linens & Towels Washed and Folded on Bed
    ...Floors Broom Clean
    ...Bath Room Cleaned
    ...Dishes Washed
    ...Fridge & Cabinets Empty (No Food)
    ...Trash Emptied
    If there are issues with the apartment or other items needing attention please note in the comment box below. You can also call Resident Services at (682) 307-7298 or Occupancy at (972) 671-7144 if you wish to provide a more detailed comment.

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