Cleaning supplies are your responsibility. Supplies in apartment were left by prior resident. If you run out of a cleaning product, please replace it. If possible, please leave leftover supplies for the next resident.


To discourage pest problems never leave open containers of food or drink lying about.  When you vacate the apartment DO NOT leave any opened food in the apartment (either in the refrigerator or pantry). Disposing of all opened food discourages pests and ensures items are fresh and safe. You may leave unopened canned or packaged food.

Need some help keeping the apartment clean and tidy? Christophe (or one of his associates) is available (typically on a 24 to 48 hours’ notice) to come to the apartment and clean. Christophe cleans the Ark House apartments between occupants. His standard rate for cleaning the apartment is $50.00 (pay with cash at time of service). Call Christophe Lamarsaude at (214) 500-8667 and leave a message or text him at the same number and ask for a call back. He is licensed and insured. Please note that you are responsible for making all arrangements and paying for the service directly in cash at time of service.