Violation of any of the following rules is grounds for your eviction:

  1. No pets, of ANY kind, are allowed.
  2. Smoking, of ANY kind, inside the apartment or buildings is strictly prohibited. Smoking is allowed in the common areas outdoors, at least 25 feet from any building, door or window. You may smoke on your own back patio if available.
  3. No more than two (2) occupants may live in the apartment without written permission from Ark House. However, you may have 2 guests for up to seven (7) days or 14 days per month.
  4. No open flames/smoke are allowed—i.e. candles, incense, etc.
  5. Maintain the apartment in a reasonable state of order and cleanliness. Open food containers, uneaten food or dirty dishes can NOT be left about in the apartment, they attract pests. All trash must be placed in the proper containers and removed in a timely basis. Clothes and other personal items should be kept in an orderly fashion. All traffic areas and doorways must remain clear.
  6. Keep current with rent payments.
  7. Failure to allow the Ark House Weekly Checkers into the apartment.


This is a summary of key Bellmar East & Ark House rules. Please see the Terms and Conditions in the Ark House Occupancy Agreement you signed when you moved in. It was provided to you by email as a PDF file.