Trash is picked up outside your apartment door Sunday through Thursday nights. Trash must be placed container.

Please Remember:

  • Please place your trash in the covered 13-gallon container located in your apartment. The container may be put out by your front door after 6pm & by 8pm on scheduled service nights (Sunday-Thursday). Trash will not be picked up on most holidays or in bad weather, so don’t put out trash by the door.
  • Trash pickup will start promptly at 8pm. Trash placed out after 8pm may be missed if collection has started.
  • To help us keep our community looking great, your trash container MUST be brought in prior to 9AM the following morning.
  • To prevent stains & critters, only place tied trash bags inside your valet trash container
  • Individual trash bags must not weigh more than 25lbs.
  • Boxes must be broken down flat & stacked
  • Do not allow trash to accumulate in the apartment.

All trash cans must be inside your apartment by 9AM Sunday through Thursday. Trash should not be out on Friday or Saturday as those are the days valet living does not pick up trash. Trash should be properly disposed of in the dumpsters.

Large trash receptacles (dumpsters) are in the gated parking area. You can access them by walking between building D & E or G & H. If you have more trash than will fit in the 13-gallon receptacle, you must take it to the large trash receptacles.

Please be sure to keep your patio/balconies and entryways free of debris and clutter.

The rules above are non-negotiable and violators will be fined:

$50 for the 1st offense, $100 for the 2nd offense and $150 for the 3rd offense.