Referrals may ONLY be submitted by a medical facility staff member with direct knowledge of the patient and/or family members being referred to Ark House. The application process will not be initiated the without an appropriate referral.

Referral Form

It is important that you fill out ALL fields on this form. Otherwise Ark House will be calling you for the missing information.

Occupant Criteria

Ark House has established some criteria for the occupants we serve. In summary, the following are the key elements of the criteria:

  • Patient/Family would be seriously impacted financially by medical care away from home
  • Permanent home is 50 miles from Dallas (some flexibility) [CHECK DISTANCE – Enter Patient Address]
  • All occupants 18 years or older (including patient) must pass background check. U.S. citizens must have a social security number (SSN)
  • Foreign nationals must of have documents showing they are legally in the U.S. 
  • 90 day lease with seven (7) day minimum stay

In some cases, the patient is not able to complete the application. In those cases, we ask the Social Worker or medical staff member to identify a “Primary Point of Contact” who can act as the patient’s advocate and complete all application steps. It is important that this person have access to email. The referral and application forms have been revised to be “phone friendly” to ease the application process.

Please inform the patient, family, and or the primary point of contact that Ark House requires the application process be completed within seven (7) days of initial contact by Ark House. The background checks take time and we can not effectively serve the patient/family without completing the background checks at the time of application. The referral will not be considered after the seven days have passed. Additionally, referrals expire after 90 days and must be renewed to confirm continuing medical care.

What’s next in this process?  See “Next Steps” to the right.

How Far is Patient from Dallas

Click button below and type patient residence address into the from field on map. Patient should reside at least fifty (50) miles from Dallas. If a little closer, you may refer patient for consideration.

Patient Distance

Process: Referring a Patient to Ark House

Social Worker Referral
  1. While Ark House does not directly evaluate prospective occupants on the basis of financial need our mission is intended to support those patients who would be more seriously impacted financially by medical care away from home. Ark House has a policy to serve those that live at least fifty (50) miles from Dallas as a priority. You may check this using the map above by typing the patient’s address into the map search box.
  2. If the patient fits the criteria, the Social Worker can submit a referral on this web site.
Ark House Contacts Primary Point of Contact
  1. Ark House will contact the primary point of contact and/or the patient to determine their plan for occupancy at Ark House. The primary point of contact is expected to coordinate ALL information collection required to complete the application. That includes identifying all potential occupants of Ark House and completing their part of the application.  Note: Ark House permits two adult occupants to reside in the apartments at the same time.
Ark House Contacts Primary Point of Contact
  1. Ark House will send the Primary Point of Contact an application to fill out fill out for ALL prospective occupants (including the patient). This provides the necessary information to provide a preliminary assessment of their qualifications for occupancy. The application includes a credit/debit card authorization for background checks and rental fees (will not be charged until occupants take possession of apartment
  2. Upon receipt of the applications, a preliminary assessment will be made of the prospective occupant’s information.
  3. If there are questions about the applications, the primary point of contact will be contacted prior to running background checks. NOTE: In all cases the patient and all prospective occupants 18 years or older are required to have a background check.
Ark House Initiates Background Checks
  1. Ark House will initiate the background check request. At this point, the background check fee is non-refundable.
  2. Upon completion of the background check, it will be sent to Ark House. 
Ark House Evaluates Background Check(s)
  1. Ark House will evaluate the background checks and  applications. Ark House will make a determination regarding occupancy. When approved or disapproved, Ark House will contact the primary occupant with that determination.
  2. If approved, the prospective occupant(s) will be placed on the Active Waitlist. Being on the active waitlist means that the prospective occupant(s) have been fully approved for occupancy and are waiting for an available apartment matching their “need date”. The persons on this list will be given first right to take occupancy when there need date is close provided they are willing to begin paying the daily rent on the apartment and deposit. 
Wait List Processing
  1. The applicant will be placed on the waitlist and will be contacted based on the stated need date when an apartment is available. (Note: Ark House generally has a number of people on an active waitlist and may not be able to honor a specific need date)
Apartment is Available
  1. When an apartment is available, Ark House will work through the list based on a combination of the earliest referral date and the current need date. If the need date changes it is to patient’s advantage to keep Ark House up to date – (972)671-7144.

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